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Federal Criminal

The information on federal criminal records is obtained via electronic access to Federal Judicial District courthouse within the district and state that is requested.

There are 241 US District Courts, with each state housing one to four federal district courts. Individuals in these Courts have been prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for a violation of the U.S. Code. These Courts do not include cases filed in county or state courts. Mail fraud, arson, interstate drug trafficking and the like are the types of cases stored in the Federal courthouses. Since this check searches the U.S. Federal District Court Master Name Index, if the individual whom you are requesting information on has a common name, this search may return numerous possible matches.

This repository is updated daily and is extremely comprehensive, with only 6 District Courts not reporting into the national system: Alaska, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, South District Indiana, and West District Arkansas.

Please note that federal courts often do not record personal identifying information. This search will cover filings within the last seven years. A ten year search is also available. Searching a common name might result in a multitude of results. The information found may or may not constitute a complete record check for your subject.

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